The Holy Month Of Ramadan, The Month Of Empathy, Generosity And Appreciation

During the month of Ramadan, we make positive changes to our daily lives. We spend less time watching the television, whereas we spend more with our family. The eating habits we adapt to can be considered a cleansing diet because we do things like; cut out junk food, reduce smoking and we eat properly and regularly. We are motivated to be extra generous and donate to the less fortunate at the first chance we get. Moreover, for every waqt of salat we perform, we pray for everyone around us. This holy month is truly about empathy, generosity and appreciation and even as the month comes to an end, we thrive to hold on to these habits for the rest of the year.

When we fast, we are fortunate enough to go starving for long hours with the assurance that, at the end of the day during iftar, we will get to quench our thirst and feed our hunger. This month is a holy month of empathy and compassion because, restraining from food and water lets us experience the lives of those who do not have access to enough of these resources. It helps us to understand the pain many people in the world suffer every day. We can really see how staying hungry only while the sun is up can change our moods and behaviors for the worse. I can personally vouch for the feeling of getting annoyed at absolutely anything without any legitimate reason. Now imagine how those who are always hungry feel, they probably are unaware of the feeling of being full. Having to experience hunger during this month makes us sympathetic towards the less fortunate and definitely motivates us to perform acts of kindness such as donating to charity.

As this month of Ramadan comes to a conclusion, we prepare to spend the auspicious day of Eid-ul-Fitr with our family and friends to celebrate and pray that the rest of the year passes with joy and safety. The company of our beloved ones boosts the delight of this celebration even more and it lets us appreciate the relationships we have and spread the joy of this holy day to others. While we should be grateful for what we are blessed with, we must also remember to keep those in our prayers who have faced the tragedy of losing their beloved parents at a very young age. The path of achieving ones goal can become much more difficult without the support of family members, but we must pray that the Almighty gives them the strength to continue their lives in a prosperous manner and removes all obstacles that may lie on their journey to success.

Author:  Tanrima Zaman

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