Orphans Receiving Cards & Gifts 2008

The OSP at UofT organizes regular events aimed at sending greeting cards, letters, gifts, etc to the orphans to keep in touch with them.  In 2007 and in 2008 we had greeting card socials where students and donors designed and signed cards to send to the orphans along with gifts.  It was a pleasant surprise for the OSP, when we received cards and letters back from a number of the orphans, thanking us for the card, gift and asking the students to keep corresponding with them! We will be having similar events in Winter 2009, Spring/Summer 2009, & Fall 2009.  We will continue to have such events 2-3 times every year in the future to keep in touch with all our sponsored orphans, Insha’Allah.

Below are some pictures of some OSP sponsored orphans with our cards and gifts:


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