Final Year Report 2009-10

1) Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP) at the University of Toronto, St. George Campus (UofT) is an ongoing completely volunteer student initiative currently annually sponsoring over 130 orphans from over 20 different countries, spanning 4 continents. We sponsor the orphans from Government of Canada registered charities. OSP in its seventh year has accummulatively fundraised over $300,000. In 2003, OSP at UofT began with the hopes of fundraising to sponsor orphans from underprivileged countries around the world and making a positive difference in their lives.

Donations are collected year-round and cover education, health, food, shelter, and other basic necessities for the orphans.

OSP’s aim is to continue to help the orphans all over the world, to the best of our abilities year after year.

OSP is not limited to University of Toronto. We have been getting volunteers and donations from across Canada and USA. Donors can receive Canadian tax receipt for their donation upon request. The 3 methods of payments are: Cheque, online via PayPal (via OSP site), and Cash.

For further detailed information about ways to donate, how much it costs to sponsor an orphan for a year, countries of sponsorship, and donor opportunities, see the following link from the OSP site:

2) We have been educating students and the community about the plight of the orphans by means of talks, seminars, emails, posters, and annual events (including bake sales, information booths, fundraising dinner, video game tournament events, sending letters/cards/gifts to the orphans, and visiting the orphans in person).

OSP Site Link to Some Photos of OSP Sponsored Orphans (at the top of this site post) as well as Some Pictures of Greeting Cards/Gifts that OSP sent to our Sponsored Orphans (at the bottom of this site post):

OSP Site Link to Pictures of Some of the OSP Sponsored Orphans with Cards/Gifts that OSP sent them:

OSP Site Link for the Orphan Visit Videos:

3) OSP’s achievements, work, and updates have been featured in various media (i.e. many newspapers/magazines, radio, etc.) in Canada and USA, including Toronto Star newspaper, ISNA’s magazine, and The Newspaper (UofT’s newspaper). Being featured in the media helps to further increase awareness, volunteers, and donations for the OSP/orphans.

4) We hope to achieve our aim by also encouraging and aiding others to start up similar orphan sponsorship initiatives at their university, school, campus, association, community, etc.
For example, OSP has helped, assisted, encouraged universities and high schools in North America to start their own initiative of sponsoring orphans, including ISNA High School, UTM, UTSC, Ryerson, University of Waterloo, University of Texas, McMaster.

On January 15th, 2010, OSP at UofT was invited to speak at ISNA High School (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada), to encourage and aid the school to start a similar orphan sponsorship initiative. OSP’s second visit to ISNA High School was on May 7th, 2010, where OSP also presented awards to recognize and appreciate the school’s achievement in fundraising over $1,800 towards having their own program of sponsoring orphans like OSP at UofT.

– OSP’s First Visit to ISNA High School on January 15th, 2010 – See the following link from OSP’s site which provides event summary with pictures about it:

– OSP’s Second Visit to ISNA High School on May 7th, 2010 – See the following link from OSP’s site which provides event summary with pictures about it:

5) OSP at UofT has an Annual Executive Committee consisting of over ten committees which are constantly striving to help orphaned children all over the world, and make a positive difference in their lives, year after year.