Sponsoring the OSP will help us reach out to a wider community in supporting the orphans world-wide. By executing bigger and better events, reaching out to more business contacts through sponsors, and utilizing resources efficiently we will definitely spike yearly revenues. Are you interested in financially sponsoring OSP? Please read our Business Sponsorship Package information. Also, for further information and/or to explore other avenues in helping us with our noble cause, feel free to E-mail us or use our contact form to get in touch with us!

Platinum Sponsors

No matter how far one can go, everyone should take the first step, the first step towards helping someone else to live a better life. These first steps around the globe collectively can solve more problems than we can imagine. The objective of Common Giving is to inspire and help you to take that first step, and accompany you in your journey of selfless efforts.

Advertising Reach

As a sponsor, you will be our partner at our outreach/advertising activities. The event will be publicized all over our website, social media (including MSA Facebook page with over 3000 likes), newsletters (sent weekly to over 1000 people) and posters at the University of Toronto St. George Campus (with a population of 50,000 students and faculty).

Donation Packages

We offer three packages for our sponsors with respect to their donations:

  • Package by Value Amount
  • $100-499
  • $500-999
  • $1000+
  • Sponsorship Package
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Package by Number of Orphans
  • 1 orphan (for >$360)
  • 2 orphans (for >$720)
  • 3+ orphans (for >$1080)

By choosing the sponsorship package, you will be sponsoring an orphan(s) from a country of your choice, and 100% of your donation will be donated towards the sponsorship. We encourage donors maintain sponsorship of the orphan(s) annually, and this in turn automatically renews the gifts and benefits every year.

Complementary Gifts