Games Night 2013 Review

OSP’s Games Night happened right in the thick Finals. It was during that time of year when students can be found holed up in library cubicles- their version of ‘winter hibernation’. Nevertheless, our Games Night, themed ‘Pancake, Pani Puri Pandemonium’ emerged like the morning sun, bringing light and ease to UofT’s stressed out souls.

Housed at Cumberland House, OSP’s Games night was alive with laughter, board games, an Xbox FIFA tournament, and long overdue conversation with the cozy comforts of hot cocoa and chocolate chip pancakes, not to mention Pani Puri’s, to give our Pandemonium a bit of a festive kick.

Our snacks offered an abundance of chocolate and sweetness, enough to satisfy sugar cravings, and enough to supply the kind of hyperactivity that kept the energy high that night. With the choice between a variety of board games, and a few group games, as well as video games, there was no shortage of things to do. As for our ticket draw, Halla Ahmed took home her prize. In total, everybody who attended helped us raise over $575! Jazakullakhair for those who showed courage in daring to have a bit of harmless fun for the 135 and counting orphans that we currently sponsor, even in the midst of a throat high workload. Events like these allow us to raise funds, but they also allow us to be mindful of the opportunities we have been given, in our ability to host and participate in them. In addition, this serves as a reminder in itself of the blessings Allah has granted us and the responsibility we have towards those in need.

For all our fellow students, have a wonderful new semester!

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