Fungama 2013: Sports Charity Picnic

OSP’s first event of the year is just around the corner! In this warm beautiful weather you are all invited to Fungama 2013. It is a picnic, recreational sports day and charity volleyball tournament meant to raise funds toward sponsoring orphans.

 Fungama 2013-Different varieties of sports to choose from: soccer, touch football, frisbee and other recreational sports. NO skill required! There will also be arrangement for kids!

-Tasty shwarma wraps from Chef’s Door and other snacks, desserts and drinks provided by our kind volunteers. If you have dietary restrictions of any kind, please let us know and we’ll try to order an alternative for you.

Cost: Food is absolutely free of any charge 🙂

-We do ask that you make a donation in exchange for your dinner as 100% of your donation will go toward our cause (the orphans) and this is where the majority of our fundraising will come from. No portion of your donation will go toward financing Fungama in any way. You will actually be donating directly to OSP. Donations cover education, health, food, shelter and other basic necessities for the orphans we sponsor for 1 year.

We look forward to seeing you attend on Sunday, June 23rd by the park by the AMC at Winston Churchill and Upper Middle Road at the Mississauga/Oakville border!

OSP’s Friends:

OSP would like to thank Vajid Khan and his friends for planning and organizing this event and helping OSP achieve its goals.

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Event Meeting Place:

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