Fungama 2013 Review!

June 23rd was probably the first swelteringly hot day of the year. The heat was oppressive enough to make anyone want to nap in the comfort of their air conditioned homes. Fortunately, that 30 degree summer day failed to melt away the determination of the hundreds of people who came to put the Fun in Fungama.

As the name suggests, Fungama is a day of fun games throughout the afternoon, with a volleyball tournament being the highlight of the day- if not the year! Several teams fought to the challenge of winning the grand Fungama Champion title, while many more cheered on, or played other outdoor games.

The sporty spirit wasn’t the only thing that our supporters brought with them! They brought an abundance of generosity, with more food than could be possibly finished that day and Orphan donations that exceeded our own expectations! Fungama 2013 managed to raise $3,562!

In addition to that, we also managed to raise even greater awareness about OSP, orphans and the change that donors could bring to their lives. Fungama ended without a single brochure remaining, while our supporters left with lighter wallets and, we all hope, happier hearts.

Thank you to our organizers, Vajid Khan and his helpers, and all of the supporters who came out with their big hearts, sportsmanship and donations. JazakAllahuKhair to you all! With such success the OSP hopes to continue supporting the more than 130 orphans that we are currently sponsoring. Of course, this cannot be done without community members like you. Let us hope that your generosity truly does touch and inspire the hearts and lives of these children.


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