Raised $9,956.98 of Our Ramadan Goal of $21,600

Getting Started

OSP works with Canada Revenue Agency registered charities to sponsor orphans worldwide. We promote our cause and collect donations through various avenues including but not limited to, special events and outreach, booths, social media, and word of mouth.

More than 75% of our funds come from individual donors sponsoring particular orphans. This helps us make sure that every orphan is supported on a recurring basis. To cater to donors of diverse financial backgrounds, OSP allows for annual, semiannual, quarterly and monthly sponsorships.

The Sponsorship Process

The Sponsorship ProcessHow It Works:

  1. Throughout the year, OSP raises funds through fundraisers and Donors
  2. In December, OSP sends donations to the charities for all the OSP sponsored orphans
  3. The charities transfer the money to the “field officers” and subsequently to the orphan’s mother (if alive), guardian or the orphanage
  4. The eligibility of the orphan for sponsorship is determined by the orphan’s family’s income/assets etc.
  5. Every year, the registered charity evaluates and sends a progress report for each sponsored orphan to OSP . Donors can keep track of the child’s progress through the progress reports, and exchange of gifts and letters
  6. OSP follows the Islamic definition of an orphan, which is a child without a father or both parents, and continues sponsorship until the age of 18.

Methods of Payment


Click the above link and you will be re-directed to our online donate page.

  • -Please make sure that donations to OSP via PayPal are only made to [email protected]
  • -If you would like a Canadian tax receipt, kindly include your full name and mailing address.


Drop off cash at the OSP office during our office hours, or arrange a meeting with an OSP representative by emailing us at [email protected]

  • -Cash payments can be only made for yearly or half-yearly payments. If you would like to make monthly or quarterly payments, please choose to pay via cheques or ONLINE.


Drop off or mail a cheque to our office . The cheque should be made to “Orphan Sponsorship Program”.


  • -Please write your name, address (for tax receipts) and email address on the envelope. A confirmation will be emailed to you within 3-5 business days.
  • -To make sure that your payment is received at a timely manner, please make payments to a current OSP executive member or directly at the office.
  • -Zakat can be used to sponsor orphans. Please identify your donation as “Zakat” when donating.

Registered Charities

OSP works with several Government of Canada registered charities to extend the help to as many countries as possible. We currently sponsor orphans through the following charities:

Human Concern International (HCI)

HCIHuman Concern International (HCI) is a Canadian, Federally Registered, charitable organization existing “to help alleviate human suffering” by Investing in Humanity. Since 1980 HCI has contributed over $90 million dollars towards facilitating Sustainable Development through long term development projects, and maintaining Human Dignity by providing immediate relief assistance to many poor and strife torn countries and to local causes in Canada. HCI’s development projects have helped communities become more self-sufficient and the emergency assistance provided has helped communities during dire need. We have provided financial assistance Health Care, Agriculture, Human Resources Development, Relief and Public Education. We are working in 34 countries with regional offices and local partners.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)

ICNAICNAIslamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is a registered Canadian charity working for the welfare of the community since 1970. It is a grass-roots and well reputed organization in the community. ICNA Relief Canada – as a Muslim charity – always tries to respond and reach out to the victims of natural disasters. It has many rehabilitation projects at home and abroad.

Islamic Relief Canada

Islamic Relief LogoIslamic Relief Canada is a registered charity organization that was established in 1984. Today Islamic relief is running 360 development projects in 35 countries, one of which is the orphan sponsorship program. This childcare program has had tremendous success over the years: from sponsoring only 60 orphans in 1989, Islamic Relief now supports 28,000 children worldwide.

Note: OSP sponsors through the charities, but is not affiliated nor officially linked to any of the charities.

Donate Online

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Donate Annually

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Donate Semi-Annually

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Donate Monthly

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Countries and Costs

Group A$360/ year;

$30/ month

Sierra Leone
Group B$600/year;


Sri Lanka
South Africa
Group C$720/ year;

$60/ month

Group D$900/year;


Palestine (Gaza, West Bank)