Charity Week 2013 Review

This year, to commemorate Charity Week’s 10th anniversary, universities across Canada were invited by the Charity Week initiative to take part in their global race to raise funds, for the Islamic Relief Fund. Charity week is a fundraising initiative that began with MSA’s across the UK, where they would unite in raising funds. Combined with MSA’s in Australia, and Canada, the 10th Charity Week was set to be a global one. The Orphan Sponsorship Program in the MSA would represent UofT amongst other universities in Canada. We were set to raise funds through Jummah donations, a Samosa Stall and our very much anticipated Barbeque for a Cause.

The week that our BBQ for a Cause was scheduled, had unpredictable bouts of alternating sun, and gloomy clouds that promised nothing short of rain. Our rain date, Thursday October 4th, didn’t seem too promising either. The OSP team could only pray for a miracle. And miracle we got! Alhamdulillah, the sky was clear, the sun was bright and the weather was warm, the perfect combination for some outdoor fun!

Clad in our Charity for a Cause T-shirts, out BBQ for a Cause was parked on the side of the UTSU lawn, where students trickled to us for a selection of Beef, Chicken and Veggie burgers of their choice. The enthusiasm was inspiring, as students felt guiltless pleasure in knowing that they were donating their calories to charity. Thanks to Naveeda’s creative genius, our supporters were able to take pictures with a poster that read, ‘I DONATED MY CALORIES TO CHARITY’.

As the afternoon wore on, the Team had no qualms in stretching our event an hour and a half past the hour that it was scheduled to end. In total, we raised $400.50!

Our second Charity Week initiative was our Samosa Stall, set up at the Bahen Center the following Friday. Engineering students with packed schedules took a quick pit stop by our stall to have the only ‘lunch’ they had time for. Fortunately, a Graduate School fair was hosted by the Career Center along the ground floor of Bahen. This also proved to be a great opportunity to spread awareness and to gather participating from unsuspecting students. We managed to raise $252.62 for the Samosa Sale.

With our Jummah donations, barbeque and Samosa Sale, the OSP raised a grand total of $814.

We would like to thank everyone who came out, dropped by, and took part in our Charity Week events. And thank you all, for those who supported us all the way through even though you couldn’t make it. JazakAllhukhair. May Allah bless you all immensely for your donations, and let us pray that they truly change the lives of those to who they go out towards.

Keep your ears and eyes out for future OSP events that are coming soon, just around the corner, the next being social and games night in November!


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