Back To School With New Ambitions

Let us all just keep calm and take a deep breath as we step into the new academic year. For many of us, this is the time we set new goals and change our ways in the hopes of achieving success. Being able to balance all the different courses, extracurricular activities, and the different branches of our social, religious and family life is truly a skill. Even at times of difficulty when everything is piling up and hovering over our shoulders, it is important to take a deep breath and clear our minds to be able to come up with a logical solution. Stressing out and rushing to conclusions can only make the situation worse.

The more we learn about the world, the more we become aware of the privilege we get on a daily basis. Despite of having resources available to enhance our education, we do not always realize their values. Education at some point of our lives may be overwhelming or even seem to us as a bit of a drag, but we should be grateful for the opportunity we have been blessed with. As we discover new knowledge, we become more open minded towards different perspectives, and this can prevents us from making snap judgments without considering all sides of an argument.

It is commonly pondered upon whether education should be considered a right or a privilege. To us, it is clear that it should be a right, but there are many children who consider going to school a fortunate event of life. On an international level, there are many inequalities regarding who is able to attend school. Even today, in many cultures it is believed that girls should not go to school, instead they are expected to stay home and lend a hand with household chores. Since education is not free everywhere, many families prioritize other things over the education for their children. Due to such economic disparity, these children are prevented from reaching their full potential and their talents remain undiscovered. This sure is injustice and we should definitely do all that we can to work toward eradication of such inequalities. Just as we consider education to be a right, we should do our best to get this right to others around the world.

As we start afresh for this new academic year, let us keep those who are less fortunate in our prayers and may Allah give us the ability to do our best to help them.

Author:  Tanrima Zaman

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