Annual Iftar 2013 Review

Once again, the OSP Annual Iftar had been a great success. All the guests present were very happy especially with all the food. It began with a card signing/making event where everyone had the option of either singing a pre-made eid card or they could make their own eid card with a blank card and markers.

A short presentation about what the OSP is and does was followed by the much-anticipated speech from the guest speaker, Sheikh Alaa Elsayed. Spending about half an hour, Sheikh Alaa showed exactly why he is such a highly regarded speaker. His speech was truly mesmerizing and enlightening and everyone was undoubtedly very satisfied with it.

The best part of the day after a long day of fasting is definitely the Iftar. Right after praying Maghrib, everyone lined up for delicious and mouth-watering Hakka Chinese food. That was followed by the dessert potluck, which was a huge success thanks to the generosity of the guests. There was a mountainous amount of desserts available and everyone made sure to stuff themselves with the sweet treats.

The best part is the $3,530 that was raised for the orphans through this event. The level of generosity shown by the guests of this event was unbelievable. May Allah bless everyone who donated and accept their intentions.

Thanks to everyone who helped out – the Muslim Students’ Association execs, the Bangladeshi Students’ Association and all volunteers. Without them, this event would have run as well as it did. The efforts of the OSP team should not be overlooked as well. It was a very well organized event.

The OSP hopes to reach it’s goal of $71,000 this school year and it seems to be well on pace to reach it. Good luck to the OSP and it’s team!


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