A global community that empowers impoverished orphans to be independent and contributing members of their societies.


Our mission is to shed light into the lives of impoverished orphaned children, so that one day they can become educated individuals who can alleviate their communities out of poverty.

We at the Orphan Sponsorship Program will strive to,

  • continuously provide financial support to the orphans brought under our care until they reach adulthood
  • expand the help annually to more orphans, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, or gender, at a sustainable pace
  • create awareness and bring together the UofT and the Canadian community in support of the orphans
  • track the progress of each sponsored children by means of progress reports
  • build relationships between the orphans and their donors by means of progress reports, letters, greeting cards, etc.
  • create space and facilities that aid youth engagement in improving the lives of orphans around the world
  • encourage and aid other associations, groups, and organizations to start similar orphan sponsorship initiatives.